Commission Work

  • Akan: Lost World / Akan National Park Series

    Cody Ellingham was commissioned to create a photography series for Akan National Park by Kushiro City Tourism Office, alongside Alex Okuma (video ...
  • HIOS Headquarters × MMAR Architects

    Cody Ellingham photographed the Tokyo Headquarters for HIOS, a Japanese manufacturer of precision power tools and equipment. The company has its r...
  • 1964 - The Architecture of the First Tokyo Olympics

    1964 – The Architecture of the First Tokyo Olympics, was created in collaboration with Pen Magazine International. I photographed the extant archi...
  • IR-ON Hotel, Bangkok Thailand

    Uniquely design hotel offerings ultimate relaxation and sincerest Thai hospitality right in the coolest hub of central Bangkok.
  • Enter Asahi – Campaign for Asahi Beer

    Cody Ellingham collaborated with Asahi Beer & TBWA to shoot a social media image series for the new campaign ‘Enter Asahi’, exploring the hidd...
  • Electric City – Collaboration with Van Der Architects

    Van Der Architects and Cody Ellingham collaborated to create a unique installation artwork to decorate the new Learning Centre for one of the worl...
  • Allpress Espresso Tokyo Roastery

    Iconic coffee and cafe space in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo.
  • Denzai Construction Japan

    Photographing the heaviest mobile crane unit in Japan for Denzai Construction Group as part of a production with Wildcard Crew.
  • Emporio Armani, Ginza, Tokyo

  • The Peninsula Hong Kong

  • Hakuju Hall by ALBERT ABUT ARCHITECTURE — Cody Ellingham

    Cody Ellingham photographed the iconic Hakuju Hall in Tokyo by ALBERT ABUT ARCHITECTURE.
  • CNN Advertisement Feature / The Tokyo Effect

    Cody Ellingham photographed three feature articles for a new campaign, ‘The Tokyo Effect’, in collaboration with CNN and the Tokyo Metropolitan ...