About Cody Ellingham


Born 1991 in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Cody Ellingham grew up exploring the mountains and rivers that define the New Zealand landscape. Ellingham studied at Victoria University of Wellington and completed an exchange programme on scholarship to Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo, in 2012. Ellingham subsequently lived in Japan for six years and published two photobooks during his time abroad. Ellingham's work has been exhibited in Japan, South Korean, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

Ellingham is self taught in photography and image making. His approach combines photography and digital media. He is fascinated with the history of places, providence, and how meaning changes over time. Ellingham focuses primarily on how structures and landscapes encompass the human experience. He use a process of wandering to derive meaning from places, to capture their essence and feeling.

“My work at its core is about places and wandering. I see places as they are, as they were, and as they might be. I believe in the tactile condition of the world and the discoveries that can be made by wandering through cities and landscapes by night.”

Ellingham has created a prolific body of work in his emerging career. His first photobook, DANCHI DREAMS, was successfully crowd-funded over 250% on Kickstarter and published in 2018 to a global audience, and he has recently published his second photobook BANGKOK PHOSPHORS.

Ellingham’s work has been featured by CNN, CityLab by the Atlantic, The Guardian, and Wired, and others.


  • 2021 New Zealand Nocturnes @ Auckland Festival of Photography, New Zealand
  • 2020 Bangkok Phosphors @ Auckland Festival of Photography, New Zealand
  • 2019 Future Cities Wellington @ National War Memorial of New Zealand, Wellington
  • 2019 Memories of Tsukiji @ ArtNShelter Gallery, Tokyo
  • 2019 Future Cities Taipei @ VENUE, Taipei
  • 2019 Group Exhibition @ Wonder Foto Day Photo Festival, Taipei
  • 2019 Future Cities Tokyo @ ArtNShelter Gallery, Tokyo
  • 2018 Danchi Dreams @ Atelier Takiguchi, Tokyo
  • 2018 Outdoor Installation @ Recent Work Gallery Project II, South Korea
  • 2017 DERIVE The Impossible City @ Gallery Conceal, Tokyo

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