What is DERIVE?

The DERIVE Project was created by Cody Ellingham

It started from imaginings and wanderings late at night in the metropolis of Tokyo and has gone on to explore and photograph many of the world’s cities.

Besides Wanderer Magazine, DERIVE has also created two photobooks and a range of other projects.

DERIVE is about wandering – Late at night, your first night in some unfamiliar city, the earth beneath your feet.

I stood beneath the massive elevated highway that carved through the city. A cacophony of motorbikes and trucks tumbled above in a piercing torrent of sound that left a patina of carbon grime and exhaust fumes in their wake. The illuminated manuscript of huge hoardings and naked sodium vapor tubes shone down into the concrete valley, soaking me in the perma-light of the night. I looked down at my hands. The same grit that had found its way under my fingernails now etched itself into my memories, clogging the works with a microparticle ephemera that jolted
synapses and ignited neurons. Somewhere in the spectacle of dizzying motion I was enchanted by a particular symphony of color and light, an encoded signature that was to be the key to a hidden chest of memories.
— DERIVE Wanderer Edition 6